Short Story

When I was twelve I got my father's old camera: it was a bit "obsolete", but I did not care = realize and jumped on it. The real problem was to get films and developments paid by my father.


First Communion: the gift is a Kodak Instamatic in my hands. Nothing to think about, just point and shoot. And get films and development paid by my father again.



When I was a teen, I received from my aunt Teresa two books about photography: the author was Andreas Feininger.


Reading and reading again, I started to realize "how" to take photos.  I do not remember the model (Russian?), but I had a camera with manual focus and manual aperture, without lightmeter. The problem about films and development did not disappear.


1982: first job, first gift to myself, first serious camera: Olympus OM1. I can pay my hobby now.


2011: after so many years beeing passionate but unconscious, I reach the graduation in professional photography at NYIP. 


Now I dare to show my photos.


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